We're looking forward to receiving you in Canada! To help prepare you for entry, please review our instructions carefully to ensure your best experience with Capital Airways. All incoming flights from the U.S. and beyond must stop at and clear Canadian Customs at the airport's main terminal before proceeding to our FBO, or continuing on the next leg of your itinerary. See the images below showing the two locations, and instructions about how to communicate with the CBSA on the ground.


Pilots for all incoming international flights must pre-arrange customs clearance with the Canada Border Security Agency before entering Canada. Call 1-800-CANPASS or 1-800-226-7277

For more information about CANPASS and entering Canada, click here.


Upon arrival, you will proceed to the main apron and to GATE 1A. There, you can communicate with Canada Customs using the call box indicated in the photograph.


Once you have cleared customs, follow ground control instructions to taxiway DELTA off the main apron. Take your first right directly into Capital Airways.