Upon arrival at the FBO terminal apron, Capital Airways personnel will greet the aircraft crew and passenger(s) on the tarmac to perform the COVID-19 health screening questionnaire, and to provide a disposable non-medical face mask and hand-sanitizer at the aircraft or air side entrance. All air crew and passengers must sanitize their hands and wear their face mask inside the FBO. Passengers and air crew may wear their own face mask.

Arriving private aircraft passengers and crew cannot leave the airport from the tarmac, and must enter the FBO. Once inside, a Public Safety Officer or our personnel will collect the names, destination or hotel address, and phone numbers if the flight originated from outside New Brunswick or Canada. Departing private aircraft passengers and pilots may leave from the tarmac without entering the FBO.

Any passengers coming from outside of New Brunswick and remaining in the province will be advised of their legal requirement to quarantine for 14 days. Air crew are exempt.

Once inside, pilots are permitted to remove their face mask in the pilots lounge only, when physical distancing of 2 meters in all directions can be maintained. 

The air side entrance door will be locked at all times. A poster will be placed on the outside of the door providing entrance instructions including directions to ring the bell or call the telephone number provided to alert staff to come to the door.


Pilots, crew, airport, and FBO personnel with a Transport Canada issued Restricted Area Pass, Medevac personnel, and uniformed members of the Canadian Armed Forces are permitted to enter the FBO from the air side as long as they sanitize or wash their hands for 20 seconds immediately, and wear a non-medical face mask where physical distancing of 2 metres can not be maintained.



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